3D Banner Maker Tutorials

Free Video Tutorial: How to use 3DBannerMaker

Step-By-Step Illustrated Transcript

This tutorial explains how to customize animated 3D banner using 3DBannerMaker Software

[Start showing e-mail box clicking on link from the delivery letter]
After the payment you will receive automatic e-mail i your main box. Simply click on the link to access your template with the 3DBannerMaker.

[Click and new window opens, showing Loading.... window]
Depending on the speed of your internet connection it may take a few minutes to load.

[3DBM opens on Step 1]

Step 1. After the 3D BannerMaker is completely loaded you can choose a size for your banner.

[Click on one of the sizes and show the template (largest one perhaps)]
If you changed your mind once you saw the animated banner, you can always return back clicking on green colored button PREVOUS (Top left corner) and select another size.

[Click on the botton Previous and select different size]

Step 2. Once you decide which size you would like to customize you will arrive on page with Step 2.

Here you can customize your message. Simply type your message into Text window and press button Add.

[Type Happy Holidays from 3DBanne.rMaker.com in the text window, move and rotate it]
You can move or rotate the text inside area of the banner. If you want to change the font or font size first delete the text you typed in already by clicking on Delete.

[ Click delete, click B for Bold, change font to Verdana, size to 25 and click Add again, move text in the middle or rotate it]
If you would need text size which is not in the list, simply type the number in the size window by hand.

[Remove words from 3DBannerMaker and type size 32, click Add]

[Type 3DBannerMaker.com set font 12, press Add]
Once again, I will add branding to the banner. It is really simple.

[Move mouse around scene 0 then click +]
Please note that at the top part of 3DBannerMaker we have slots for scenes.

So far we worked with basic slot. If you need text to change in your banner click button with symbol + [Click and change timing in second slot]
Here you can play with timing and set time for some messages longer, for some shorter. If you need to delete number of scenes click button with symbol X.

[click to add 3rd scene, select Scene 2, select Scene 3, return back to 1]
You can have 3 different messages changes in your banner which will fade in and ot one after another. They all have same animated background.

[Click on buttons Scene 1, Scene 2, Return to Scene 0]
If you want some part of your text such as branding for example, to be in all parts of your banner, use button Copy into Scene 0, Scene 1, Scene 2 and they will be positioned on the same position everywhere. Buttons Copy into Scene 0, Scene 1, Scene 2 will appear only if you have more than one scene.

[Remove scene3 and change scene2 text to from 3DBannerMaker.com]
If you want only 2 changes of the text, type the second message into Scene 1 banner window

[Click on button General Settings]
After I am done with my text, I can proceed to customise your banner with your link. Click button General Settings

[Type URL of 3DBannerMaker.com into URL window]
Just type your own site address into URL window. I use http://3DBannerMaker.com here and you are done.

[change jpg quality to 70 and FPS to 12]
I just slowed down the animation a lot.

[Click Done Button]
After you are done with your changes, press green button Done in the top right corner It will take a up to one minute to render your banner.